silence of the cows

livestock testimony

You guys, it took me half an hour to find the post that would explain the joke about the cow being called to testify, and then I couldn’t remember the joke i was going to make about the continuation of the theme. ARGH.


It is a grand courtroom scene: Mr Bugg is the judge, waving a gavel and pointing a finger in approved “J’ACCUSE!” manner, while Mrs Bugg, in her Mary, Queen of Buggs getup including crown, has been clapped in irons and is being dragged into the court by armed and armored knights, while a spotted (and antennaed) cow wanders in, too.

The text reads: “Bugtober 14, 1582: Mary, Queen of Buggs goes on trial for conspiracy against Elizabeth I of Buggland … cows are brought forth for testimony.”