I could not agree more, buggs!


Mr Bugg is the mage this time — or possibly a shaman; could that be a city spirit he’s summoning? — holding what looks to be a Fichetti Needler light pistol, because as we all know, magic-users put, like, no points into weaponry. Mrs Bugg, on the other hand, has gone the whole hog in the way of weaponry, and is sporting some wicked-long bone spurs in addition to her heavy machine gun. In the background, a decker crouches next to a data terminal, fiber-optic cables snaking from the datajack in his temple to the data port in the wall, as well as to his cyberdeck. A run is clearly in progress, and going well, to judge from everyone’s expressions. In my experience, this is when you get dumped in the drek.


The text reads: “ShadowBugg FTW!”