safety measures

switch off [click to embiggen]

Alternatively, Buggs, you could just only ride while Loki supervises, so he can turn off the coaster when you’ve had enough.

Call me crazy.


The Buggs look quite unwell: Mr Bugg is grasping his stomach while swirlies of dizziness and nausea float above his head. Mrs Bugg is equally dizzy, but is attempting, for reasons unknown, to walk, and it shows in both the swirlies above her head and the stagger of her stride. In the background is the architect of their doom, a large, loopy, curvy K’nex roller coaster.

The text reads: “The buggs think we need to add a wireless off switch to the roller coaster. They were using a stick to turn it off as they went by, but dropped it last night.”