religious nonsense

So apparently, in the buggs’ world, papal bulls become papal buggs, or rather, tofubeasts, sent to harass buggs the pope does not like?

Transcript :

Mrs Bugg is playing the part of the pope, her tall pope-hat emblazoned with an ankh and topped, as if you had any doubt, by a bow. Her papal scepter is an ankh as well. She is shooing a herd of five tofubeasts at Mr Bugg, playing the part of theobugglian John Buggcliffe, about to be mauled by the tofubeasts and looking none too happy about it.

The text reads: “Maybee 22, 1377 : Pope Gregorbugg XI issues five Papel Buggs to denounce the doctrines of Bugglish theobugglian John Buggcliffe.”