personal appearance

buggalupe [click to embiggen]

What, like, actually in person? Not, for example, in bas-relief on his sandwich, or as a spooky outline on a previously-blank wall, but her actual self, right there, huh?

I wonder what her hospitality rider is like? I bet she’s got a case of Cristal on there, and divas right the fuck out if you dare substitute Perrier-Jouet or something. Also, I imagine her security requirements are nuts.


Mr Bugg is on one knee, arms thrown up in worship before Mrs Bugg, who is rocking the Virgin of Buggalupe look: Her halo, look you, has a bow. Of course. Her arms are raised in benediction, and she’s also rocking some description of ankh-shaped chastity belt, which, I’m sure, reassures the patriarchy. Or something.

The text reads: “Decembugg 9, 1531: The Virgin of Buggalupe appears before Juan Diebuggo in Buggexico City.”