oh, buggpoleon

buggpoleon's jaffa [click to embiggen]

I shouldn’t act disdainful. I love the Jaffa thing, and it is never, ever going to get old.


Mr Bugg is dressed as Buggpoleon Bonapart (Buggapart?) in his Buggpoleon hat, wearing a nice military jacket. His left hand is tucked between buttons, as per tradition. Mrs Bugg, meanwhile, is rocking the thousand-yard stare of a First Prime, heavily armored, with the symbol of her god on her head, her staff weapon at the ready, and ranks of Jaffa warriors behind her.

The text reads: “Buggarch 7, 1799: Buggpoleon captures Jaffa, hoping to gain many warriors … Yeah, did this last year, but it is awesome.”