not giving in to my OCD

So I’ve got a ton of old drawings to scan in, but I’m having issues locating a huge number of the earlier original drawings (they do exist on the old Tumblr, but they’re crap phone-cam pics I can’t really use here).

I kept putting off scanning and posting the ones I do have, because I didn’t want to scan them out of order, because I really wanted to post them in the order I got them, because I am a little OCD about shit like that (ok, kind of a lot OCD), but then I decided that I can be stronger than my silly issues and besides, it’s not like there are a million readers here who will get pissed — or even care — if things appear out of order.

Anyway. I’m going to keep posting the most recent ones (March 2013) and just add the older ones as I can. I’m thinking I’ll date them from 2011, which is consistent with reality, and just try not to get bunged up about original posting dates or order. You’re cool with that, right?

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