no capes. alas.

no capes [click to embiggen]

Right?!? I was quite sad, too.

(We were driving with D.M-F.P. down Harbor Blvd one evening during our NAMM adventure, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a lighted shop sign that looked, at first glance, as though it said “HATS AND CAPES“. We were all quite disappointed when we realized there was no “E”.

Because how awesome would that shop have been? I will tell you: REALLY FUCKING AWESOME.)


Mr Bugg is wearing a nice black hat, and has paired it with a dark cape. His arms are extended in front of him, because possessing a cape allows one to fly, right? Mrs Bugg stands with arms and mouth again drooping with sadness.

The text reads: “Mrs Bugg is so sad that Mr Bugg read the sign as hats and capes. Big sigh.”