ninja vs. pirate


I love how the Buggs will go to any lengths to perfect their cosplay. I mean, Mr Bugg has clearly chopped off a leg to fully rock the pirate look with the peg leg. And I’d have to go back through the (as yet unpublished) archives, but I think Mrs Bugg always gets to be the ninja?

Also: ANTENNAE ON THE PARROT! I am dying of the cute.


Mr Bugg is a pirate, complete with peg-leg, a be-antennae’d parrot on his shoulder, and a brandishing a wicked-sharp cutlass. Mrs Bugg is a ninja in a bow-topped black hood and black outfit*, dual-wielding needle-sharp daggers and looking quite sneaky indeed.

The text reads: “Ninja vs. Pirate, Just Cuz.”

*Do those have a name? My google-fu only led me to this site, and while I dig the hell out of their tagline (“Gettin’ stabby since 1999!“) I couldn’t independently verify the accuracy of their information. Let me know in the comments!