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joan of bugg

Man, the buggs just can’t get enough of Joan of Bugg, can they? I’m thinking they caught a late-night snowing of The Messenger — they are probably huge Milla Jovovich fans. Aren’t we all, really?

Transcript :

Mrs Bugg is in her Joan of Bugg cosplay outfit, as some mean soldier-buggs, wielding short swords and carrying shields, lead her off in handcuffs. Mr Bugg represents the legions of Joan of Bugg fans, arms waving and probably shouting “FREE JOAN! FREE JOAN!” while broken hearts pour from his head. I … I think I’m reading too much into this.

The text reads: “Maybee 23, 1430 : Siege of Combugne. Joan of Bugg is captured by the Buggundians. Her fans are very sad.”