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thanksbugging [click to embiggen]

I hope to gods that Tofurkbugg is better-tasting than Tofurky.

Actually, I’m pretty sure Mrs Bugg’s headdress would be better-tasting than Tofurky. Things that live under rocks are better-tasting than Tofurky.


Mr and Mrs Bugg are dressed in First Thanksbugging cosplay: Mr Bugg is the pilgrim, with black vest, black hat and buckled shoes, while Mrs Bugg is in Native Buggerican garb, with a huge long feather headdress cascading down her back. They are each holding one end of a huge platter, upon which rests a large, antennae’d thing-that-is-not-a-turkey.

The text reads: Bugvember 25, 2013: The buggs decide that Tofurkybugg will be the official entree for Thanksbugging.”