maybe the new ones aren’t ready yet

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Plus, it’s fun to revisit the good ones. Plus plus, it’s important to get all the use you can out of your outfits. I mean, look at Loki and I: spent time and money assembling the bits to cosplay as a Stargate team, and we’ve done it twice.

I mean, to spectacular effect both times, but still.

Not the end of the world to replay your favorites, is all I’m saying.


Mr Bugg is a stormtrooper, in the white plastic armor, while Mrs Bugg has, again, claimed the Jaffa outfit. She’s carrying her staff weapon, has sharpie’d the symbol of her god on her forehead and is staring right through you.

The text reads: “Yeah, even after working on outfits, Mrs Bugg insisted on the usual cosplay.”