mais yah, you talk about

los newbuggiana

I’m sensing a theme here. I’m guessing that berets and mustaches are right up there with fezes, tiny cars, spurs and cowboy hats in the Buggs’ favorite cosplay outfits.

Also, I wish I could have gone to university in Los Newbuggiana, instead of where I did go, which was probably much less fun. I wonder if Los Newbuggiana has drive-through daiquiri places? Because it’s not an open container until you put the straw in, you know.

Also also, I googled for forever, but couldn’t find a video or audio file of a Cajun saying “Mais yeah, you talk about”, and I wasn’t about to record it myself, but you really owe it to yourself to visit the Lafayette region of Louisiana, to hear the unbelievable accents, phrases and sayings that abound there. It is seriously like a foreign country.


Mr Bugg hands Mrs Bugg a giant dollar sign, to represent money. Mrs Bugg hands Mr Bugg a giant mustache, to represent the many Francophone cosplay options now available to buggkind.

The text reads: “30 Aprovul 1803: Los Newbuggiana is purchased by Buggland. All bugs can now wear berets and mustaches.”