the mint julep wasn’t far off


So there’s a joke here, first told by a comedian whose name has gone right out of my head, who had a list of things he would (or could?) do, based on how many drinks he’d had. For example, three-drink comedian knew a magic trick. Coincidentally, so do I, and apparently, so does Mrs Bugg. It’s not a very good magic trick.

And now all the funny has gone out of this story.


Mr Bugg is collecting the alcohol dripping from the spiraling copper tubing of a still that’s bubbling merrily over a fire, while Mrs Bugg, clearly drunk to judge by the bubbles above her head, is about to chug a jug of the results of the distillation.

The text reads: “Junebugg 14, 1789: Whiskey distilled from maize is first produced by Ameribugg, the Rev. Elijah Bugg. It is named Buggbon because he lived in Buggbon county. Ald there were magic tricks.”