know your limits


It makes perfect sense to me that they would legislate this sort of thing, because if you try to roast more marshmallows than your stick can support, they will burn and/or fall off, which would be ever so sad, and probably lead to higher rates of bugg depression and suicide, amirite?

On the other hand, for buggs who are fearful of a bugg in the sky, they do seem to have a lot of religious institutions.

Transcript :

Mrs Bugg once again is the pope, with the same big, ankh-emblazoned, bow-topped pope hat, but this time she’s waving a stick with five branches, each of which is sporting a marshmallow. Mr Bugg is limited to a single stick-with-marshmallow, and the tofubeast, who shouldn’t have sugar, has been given her own single stick-with-marshmallow as well. They are all waving their sweeties in the direction of a blazing campfire and smiling broadly — all except the tofubeast, who is holding her stick in her mouth.

The text reads: “Maybee 23, 1498 : Girolamo Buggarola is burned at the stake in Buggence, on the order of Pop Buggxanderia VI. She also issues a Papal Bugg regarding how many marshmallows can be burned at one time by any Bugg.”