holiday preppers


Honestly, we’d be way better off if we actually started prepping this early. I mean, we get the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but that is the extent of our preparedness. Gifts and other decorations tend to happen in a last-minute scramble, if at all.


Mr Bugg pulls a little wagon full of decorations: a fearsome jack-o-lantern and a branch of evergreen, flanking a sailboat and the creepiest doll I’ve ever seen. Or possibly an owl? I just do not wish to look too closely. Meanwhile, Mrs Bugg is rocking a leather apron and welder’s mask as she stands at t’forge, hammering the shit out of something sitting on the anvil. She has obviously just pulled it from the roaring fire before her. Preparations are well underway, Chez Bugg.

The text reads: “The buggs are prepping for halloween and solstice.”