hey, you CAN herd cats

cat drives

There is no way, no possible way, to fail to smile your face right off at Wild Bugg Hiccup, and if you can, well … I’m not sure we can be friends. Also: lassos, gun belts, the bow on Mrs Bugg’s cowgirl hat, and that cat in the middle who looks like he’s rocking a beard, an eyepatch and some sort of ear-related trauma.

Wild. Bugg. HICCUP.

I cannot even.


Mr and Mrs Bugg are sporting the cowbugg hats, twirling lassos and rocking the hell out of some gun belts, while their horses (are they horses? Or some sort of veggilope or similar) help to herd the herd of cats.

The text reads: “Munch 29, 1856: Wild Bugg Hiccup and Annie Buggley prove it is possible to herd cats. So begins the days of the great cat drives.”