everything in Buggland has antennae


Veggilopes have appeared in earlier notes (which I’m still scanning … there are literally years of backlog for me to wade through … ), but this is the first time we learn how they came to be part of the Buggland food chain. I’m assured that one can eat them and still be vegetarian.

Yeah, I don’t know either.


A Bugg on a horse (possibly? it has antennae …) with a cowboy (cowbugg? buggboy? I could sure use a bugg-to-English dictionary) hat on swings a lasso at a herd of cow-spotted veggilopes … who have antennae. As you do.

The text reads: “Munch 5, 432: Kyle Bugg begins the first domesticated herd of veggilopes. An endless source of food for bugg society as the creatures regrow anything you eat off of them. Cannibalism rates almost disappear … except in some cult areas.”