YBuggCA [click to embiggen]

Man, that song’s going to go through my head for days.


Mr and Mrs Bugg are joined by two of their friends, and they are all posing to spell out an acronym: Mr Bugg has both arms above his head, hands well apart while his legs are fairly close. He looks like a capital Y. Mrs Bugg’s right arm hangs loosely by her side, while the left is on her hip. Her left leg points its knee outwards while her left foot is balanced on her right ankle. She looks like a capital B. To the left of Mrs Bugg, another bugg holds his left arm and left leg out in a curvilinear fashion, while his right limbs are straight by his side. He looks like a capital C. The final friend has her arms above her head, hands clasped together, while her feet are wide apart. She looks like a capital A.

The text reads: Decembugg 9, 1851: The first YBuggCA in North Ameribugg is opened.”