Mrs Bugg as a Jaffa never fails to make me smile. But is she First Prime?


Apparently the lurgy wasn’t so extreme, after all. The Buggs are doing one of their favorite cosplays, Stargate SG-1. Mr Bugg stands to one side of an active stargate, P-90 in hand and cap on head. Mrs Bugg is on the other side of the gate, staff weapon in hand and Jaffa symbol on her forehead. Because this is black and white, it is impossible to tell if it is the gold insignia of a First Prime, but we’ll go ahead and assume that it is, because Mrs Bugg is awesome, and because nothing, not even pouring molten gold into a carved-out scar on her forehead, will stop her from putting together the most accurate cosplay outfit ever. I bet the staff weapon even fires.


The text reads: “Okay, maybe some Stargate cosplay.”