concurrent development


What astonishes me is that the buggs were clearly developing these two technologies simultaneously. I mean, surely they’d already realized that BuggRay was going to be better than both Buggamax *and* VBS? Or maybe the Buggamax group was toiling away in secret & didn’t realize Buggray was already available?

I … I think I’m spending too much time thinking about the buggs’ clearly illogical world.


Mr and Mrs Bugg are both smiling and waving objects: a Buggamax cassette tape for Mr Bugg, and a BuggRay DVD disc for Mrs Bugg. Mrs Bugg points knowingly to her BuggRay disc; she has won the format wars!

The text reads: “Maybee 10, 1975: Buggony introduces the Buggamax video tape. Sadly, most buggs have already switched to Buggray DVDs.”