robert the bugg

I imagine the Buggs start squealing when they see an event from Scottsbugg in the daily Buggepedia list.

is he now the Dark Lord?

Ah, no — he would still be styled Duke.

I didn’t vote for you

I mean, clearly a majority of the Gerbuggs did, but still.

third and fourteenth of his name

I guess there was a BOGO on?

buggie price charlie

That hat, you guys. DED FROM CUTE.

she can be king if she wants to

I’m not really seeing a problem here.

baby queen

Awww, just look at her adorable, wee, plaid dress! Cutest baby Buggish queen EVAR.

the buggheart

Y’know, one of the few times he bothered visiting the country of which he was king. Also, I would have expected his shield to feature three tofubeasts, but the ankh is pretty good, too.

mary married

Do I need a Mary, Queen of Buggs tag? They seem to love her as much as they love Joan of Bugg.

the boy king

No, not that one; the other one. Also, Mary can’t catch a break, can she?

royal wedding

They look happy in this picture, but that’s before Charles makes Catherine take one of his bits of stuff-on-the-side as a Bugg of the Bedchamber. Those are some cast-iron balls, there, Chuck.

I was told there would be cake

You have to imagine the title of this post in Reggie’s voice, all annoyed that things aren’t happening like she was told.

run for your lives

Y’know, Buggs, the chances of an eighteenth-century Scottish Buggtish queen fleeing a sword created for a killer 21st century game … I kinda don’t think that’s what happened. Sweet tartan, though!

I escaped somehow, part two

Looks like Mary Queen of Buggs was given a frankly ridiculous amount of bedding. You’d think you’d be careful about that, if you were holding someone prisoner. I mean, lucky for her they did, but still.

and now we need a “spelling” tag

Honestly, it’s like Malaprop Boss in Bugg form. Dolphin, honestly.

pretty sure “and beans” was not mentioned in the article

Just a guess. Also, that’s a pretty scary hotdog. What if that went in someone’s eye?

Malliam … riiiiight

I’m totally sure that’s what they were called, Buggs. I’m sure the period was not at all known by their full first names, separated by “and”. I’m positive they were the first couple whose names were conjuncted to make a shorter, cuter name. Like they were the seventeenth century Brangelina or some shit. I do like that they’re crowning each other, though. That’s pretty damn sweet.

tartan awesomeness

Continuing our theme of UNBELIEVABLE CUTENESS, Mrs Bugg’s great big bushy beard is just side-splitting, as is her giant, bigger-than-she-is greatsword. Mr Bugg with his spiffy crown, ankh sceptre and wee short sword of pointiness are just an extra helping of awesome. Like sprinkles on ice cream.

that’s a hell of a commute

Seriously, how long did it take to get from Scotlandbugg to London in the seventeenth century? It probably made L.A. on a rainy Thursday look like a cakewalk. Also, the Buggs were probably squealing with joy at the conjunction of royalty and Scotbugg, two of their very most favorite things ever.

the bugg prince

So the first duchy in Engbugg? And presumably the start of names that take ten minutes to say, when you start throwing in all the titles. I wonder if he was “Blackboard Monitor” too?