siege of orleans

orleans [click to embiggen]

OMFG THAT’S RIGHT. Loki accidentally swapped the pictures on this one and the Bugthoven’s 9th cards. Heeeee.

joan is back!

joan is back [click to embiggen]

I haven’t gotten to use the Joan of Bugg tag in forever!

(This was a bad day for drawings and liquids, I’m guessing.)


smores [click to embiggen]

Left that a little late, didn’t you, French justice system?

she’s back!

siege [click to embiggen]

You guys! We haven’t had a Joan of Bugg drawing in forever. SO STOKED.

back to Joan

joan [click to embiggen]

Ah, and we’re back to the Buggs’ favorite martyr!

(For those just joining us: The Buggs have no clue what it meant to be burnt at the stake, and just figured it involved marshmallows, and, probably, s’mores.)


Mrs Bugg is looking fetching in her bow-topped platemail getup, despite the fact that her hands are shackled together and she is being led towards a bonfire by Mr Bugg, today playing the part of a church bishop. He is rocking an ankh-emblazoned bishop hat, and is waving has several marshmallows pre-impaled on a many-branched stick, to be ready for the burning.

The text reads: “Janubugg 3, 1431: Joan of Bugg is handed over to Bishop Pierre Bugchon … for the burning at the stake.”


hey, guess who?

joan of bugg, part one million

Ah, what the hell. Let’s give her her own category.


So. Once again, the Buggs are cosplaying Joan of Bugg fighting an epic battle. Mrs Bugg does the honors, atop a rearing horse, holding her traditional ankh-emblazoned shield and hoisting a sword. She is wearing sunglasses, because of course she is a rockstar. She is facing an army with the most woebegone expressions on their faces, their flag in the dust, swords pointing downward in defeat. Mr Bugg, representing the Joan of Bugg fanclub, clasps his hands in adoration while hearts of love spew from his head.

The text reads: “Junebugg 18, 1429: Buggench forces under Joan of Bugg defeat the Bugglish army at Buggtay.”


the buggs’ favorite historical figure

yet more joan

I might need to have a chat with them about their Joan of Bugg fetish. Hopefully it’s innocent admiration and not something more sinister.

On the other hand, it’s not like they can stalk her in the grave.

Can they?


Mrs Bugg is Joan of Bugg, atop her antennae’d horse, waving her sword and protected by her be-ankhed shield, while armored buggs in her army lead the captured prisoner away in shackles. In the background, Mr Bugg shows his love of Joan with head-hearts.

The text reads: “Junebugg 12, 1429: Hundred Buggs War; Joan of Bugg leads the Bugrench army in their capture of the city and commander William de la Bugg, in the second day of the Battle of Bugreau.”


more joan

joan of bugg

Man, the buggs just can’t get enough of Joan of Bugg, can they? I’m thinking they caught a late-night snowing of The Messenger — they are probably huge Milla Jovovich fans. Aren’t we all, really?

Transcript :

Mrs Bugg is in her Joan of Bugg cosplay outfit, as some mean soldier-buggs, wielding short swords and carrying shields, lead her off in handcuffs. Mr Bugg represents the legions of Joan of Bugg fans, arms waving and probably shouting “FREE JOAN! FREE JOAN!” while broken hearts pour from his head. I … I think I’m reading too much into this.

The text reads: “Maybee 23, 1430 : Siege of Combugne. Joan of Bugg is captured by the Buggundians. Her fans are very sad.”


tough as nails, and pretty, too

joan of bugg 2

I see Mrs Bugg has done a much better job of creating her sharpie ankh this time!


Mr Bugg is entranced at the beauty and fearlessness of Mrs Bugg as Joan of Bugg, as evidenced by the hearts pouring from his head. Mrs Bugg, for her part, is rocking the sword-and-shield-on-a-bucking-horse action, with the unfortunate addition of an arrow through her shoulder. She doesn’t look too fussed about it.

The text reads: “Maybee 7, 1429: Joan of Bugg ends the siege of Orleans after pulling an arrow out of her own shoulder. All Buggs think she is even more beautiful.”


saint joan of bugg

joan of bugg

I love the buggs’ penchant for malapropisms. And swords.


Today’s historic re-enactment features Mrs Bugg on a horse, with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. On the shield is a cross that Mrs Bugg has skillfully turned into an ankh using a sharpie. Mr Bugg is standing nearby, his hands clasped and hearts pouring out of his head.

The text reads: “Aprovul 18, 1909: Joan of Bugg is beautified in Buggome. Most Buggs already thought she was beautiful.”