practice makes perfect

be the ball

someone tell her the bats aren’t weapons

triple crown

supporters’ section

the mighty Bugsey has struck out

bugby world cup



we love our local side

buggnited is red and gold



italbugg footie

I wish proper footbugg had instant replay. I want to see what Mrs Bugg did to get red-carded. I must say, though, her WTF reaction is spot-on.

bug ruth

Aiming for the fences!

I wonder how many people watched it

I mean, c’mon. 1938? There were probably all of ten televisions in Britain!

wrigley field

I think I only went there a couple times, but I have many fond memories. I never chewed gum there, though, so well done, Buggs, for thinking of it!


Dude. TUG OF WAR was an actual thing. We should bring it back!


I took a tour of the Astrodome with my dad & brother once. The guide told the worst jokes. “So if the fake grass here is called Astroturf, what is it called in the Superdome in New Orleans? …. MARDI GRASS!”

modern games

Mr Bugg’s headband, so help me.