buggnited is red and gold


italbugg footie

I wish proper footbugg had instant replay. I want to see what Mrs Bugg did to get red-carded. I must say, though, her WTF reaction is spot-on.

I wonder how many people watched it

I mean, c’mon. 1938? There were probably all of ten televisions in Britain!

a league of their own

Pretty sure weaponry wasn’t involved.

FA cup

Well played, Wanderers! Was it a bicycle kick that won it for you?

real bugdrid

You just need more practice, Mr Bugg! I’m sure Mrs Bugg would give you tips all day long.

bugyern munchen

So either every footbugg club in the world has a player number 42 who specializes in bicycle kicks, or this is just the Buggs’ default footbugg pose. I’m good with either answer.

super bugg

Not to be confused with super bugs.

and now, the footbugg edition

THOSE OUTFITS. Unbearably cute.

hall of famers

YAY for cleats.


And there was much rejoicing? Because apparently the previous system was badly flawed? Yeah, I don’t know either.


Not a big fan of American footbugg, as we all know, but I do loves me some Mrs Bugg in cleats.

heisbugg trophy

What we have here is the glorious intersection of cleats, university and wizards, with a bonus in the form of that name. Buggwanger, I ask you.

ameribug buggball

So this was apparently the first official intercollegiate buggball game. Before that, it was just like back-alley dance-off style buggball.

under the lights

Now Buggby can happen at any time of day or night! Funny hats and finger-guns for all.

that was a spanking

How sad for Cumbuggland! I don’t like footbugg very much, but it’s depressing when the scoreline ends up like that.

world series

I love how the “world” series doesn’t actually include the entire world. Oh, BuggSA, you so funny.

live sports

We shall not focus on the footbugg (of which I am not a fan); instead, we shall focus on the adorable wee cleats. Because they are adorable.

the national pastime

Love those massive gloves!