Mrs Bugg appears to be driving for Team Gryffindor.

road trip

thereby also creating the car salesman archetype

great hat and goggles


flat out

more power

car of the bugg



There appears to have been an accident with this drawing. Oops.


I kind of don’t think she was dressed as The Stig, but OK. Also, to the buggs in 2nd and 3rd places, who look so bummed to have been beaten by a female: SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP, AND GET USED TO IT! Er.

driving test

Does the test involve driving really fast around a test track on an airfield? That’s the kind of test I would love to take.

great race

Fun fact: My dad and brother compete in the Great Race every year — except this year, my brother’s company wouldn’t let him take time off to do the race. My dad ended up getting a friend to navigate, but Loki offered to help out in any way he could, because he is a sweetie.


That’s a pretty sweet-looking wagon!

drive time

Always an excellent choice, Buggs!

always use protection

Safety first, Mr Bugg!

test drive

So late last year, my beloved Nigel was rapidly deteriorating, costing thousands every time something happened, and though he was My First Dream Car, it was no longer worth it to keep dumping money into him. It was sad, but after many spreadsheets and a couple test drives, I eventually got a pretty nice Mazda 3. I’m really sorry, Buggs, but I never even considered a VW Bugg.

go fast

Technically, it was the first internal-combuggstion motorcycle, but why quibble?