not the good kind of lottery

diary of a young bugg

birth of goth and sci-fi, simultaneously

brave and heartbreaking

it’s a good one

alone in a darkened room: the bugg

thus starting the Dictionary Wars with Oxford

Look, in my mind, that’s how it went down. Because: BATTLE OF WORDS. You’re welcome.

ideal love

Love the humanists! Buggtrarch looks quite smitten indeed.




Has banning a book ever led to fewer people reading it? My money’s on “no”.


Hey, they decided not to do the raft scene! I’m digging the overalls, too.

the raven

How much do we love Edbugg Allen Poe, Buggs? A LOT.

tilting at windmills

At least the book fared better than the film?


And what an affair it was.

on a raft

I don’t remember a banjo in that book, but eh.

pooh bugg

Another great favorite of mine! I spent many a lovely day in the Hundred Acre Wood.


Paddington was my very favorite book series when I was wee!


Oh my gods, you guys. SO MUCH GOOD HERE. Let us sum up: Lord Byron, John Polidori, Percy Shelley, and Mary Shelley in a dreary Swiss castle during a particularly dreary summer, come up with some of the most enduring works of the Romantic period, including horror stories that inspire literally generations of writers, artists, poets, filmmakers, and others, and play no small part in the shaping of how we see the world and its imagined terrors. Goths owe a lot to that volcano, is what I’m saying.

man was not meant to wot of

Forbidden or not, SOMEONE seems to have made a beeline for that section, grabbed one of the off-limits ones, and then got themselves shocked for their efforts. I hope it was worth it, Buggs!

not that kind of punch?

Your commentary choices today include : Soon to be a creepy-as-hell mask in a future crime thriller; or Why the sombrero? I feel like I missed something. The moustache is epic, though; or Man, the Buggs sure spend a lot of time beating each other up. I’m starting to suspect a Mr and Mrs Smith dynamic here.