los bugeles

colonialism, oceania style

bugstonian independence

fun with flags day



was it cheese and onion

santa bugba

It’s missions all the way down today!

my kinda town, chibugo is

what a co-inky-dink

the dominabug republic

take this boat to Cuba

flags are powerful


florida bugg


come to Buggmaica, mon

columbugg [click to embiggen]

“Please don’t enslave us or give us diseases, though, ok?”


buggsiana [click to embiggen]

And soon the place will be overrun with Cajuns. Yay for poboys and crawfish etouffee!

of course he brought a flag

southron buggs [click to embiggen]

Those are some srs bsns boots Mrs Bugg is rocking. I hope Mr Bugg’s feet aren’t too cold.

like manga for buggs

buggarmanga [click to embiggen]

I’m just guessing here.


pledge [click to embiggen]

We can only hope that the Buggs don’t make their kids recite it every day in school, because that is creepy and Orwellian. At least Bugg society, which is inclusive and non-judgmental, probably doesn’t get all cranky about the “liberty and justice for all buggs” bit.


sack [click to embiggen]

Those horned helmets are the business.


bugflower [click to embiggen]

Ooh, Pilgrim fashion shoot!