no time for love, Dr. Jones

theft [click to embiggen]

That was a good one.


wall-e [click to embiggen]

That is literally the only cockroach I have not been physically repulsed by.

Also: that scene in space with the fire extinguisher? Genius.

and introducing …

debut [click to embiggen]

Yay for the Tramp!

(OK, this wasn’t the first actual Tramp film, but still. He wore the outfit & everything.)


ET [click to embiggen]

That’s an excellent scene to act out, Buggs!

Buggy’ll never go away

hello buggy [click to embiggen]

True fact: WordPress is installed with a plugin that will display a quote from Hello Dolly Buggy at the top of your admin page. Every single time I see it, I think of the Buggs doing Wall-E cosplay =)


buggeronimo [click to embiggen]

That was a good line!

frankly, Mrs Bugg

frankly Mrs Bugg [click to embiggen]

Behold, the field of his fvcks, and see that it is barren.

I need pants

I need pants [click to embiggen]

I am a big believer in pants. Pants are important.


tauriebugg [click to embiggen]

I think she mis-heard “Tauriebugg” as “Tau’ribugg“.

steambugg willie

steambugg willie [click to embiggen]

Yay Mickey Bugg!


buggtasia [click to embiggen]

Awww, don’t turn Mrs Bugg into a water-toting slave!


bugzilla [click to embiggen]

Shouldn’t it be Bugjira?


valenbuggo [click to embiggen]

I cannot even explain to you how awesome Mrs Bugg looks as a Buggdouin — except that she is vastly outshone by Mr Bugg as the Sheikh, with that turban and sword omg.

the holy trinity

buggheart [click to embiggen]

Woad. Tartan. Blood-and-guts.

Or is that weaponry, killin’ and kilts?

Whatever. The best things in life are Scottish, according to the Buggs.

you are afraid of my heat

voice of mo [click to embiggen]

Yep, it’s our family favorite, Agador Spartacus!

off to see the buggzard

off to see the buggzard [click to embiggen]

We’ve seen this one before, of course, but I love seeing what new outfits the Buggs will create.

it’s just a jump to the left

bugkey horror [click to embiggen]

I find it interesting that they both chose to cosplay as Frank.

he can call me Flower, if he wants to

bugbi [click to embiggen]

Spoiler alert: Bugbi’s mom dies.

bugg juan

bug juan [click to embiggen]

Mr Bugg is looking forward to winning the Oscar for Most Kisses in a Film.

flowers and buggs

flowers and buggs [click to embiggen]

It was also the first animated short to win a Buggcademy Award!