and introducing …

Yay for the Tramp! (OK, this wasn’t the first actual Tramp film, but still. He wore the outfit & everything.)


That’s an excellent scene to act out, Buggs!

Buggy’ll never go away

True fact: WordPress is installed with a plugin that will display a quote from Hello Dolly Buggy at the top of your admin page. Every single time I see it, I think of the Buggs doing Wall-E cosplay =)


That was a good line!

frankly, Mrs Bugg

Behold, the field of his fvcks, and see that it is barren.

I need pants

I am a big believer in pants. Pants are important.


I think she mis-heard “Tauriebugg” as “Tau’ribugg“.

steambugg willie

Yay Mickey Bugg!


Awww, don’t turn Mrs Bugg into a water-toting slave!


Shouldn’t it be Bugjira?


I cannot even explain to you how awesome Mrs Bugg looks as a Buggdouin — except that she is vastly outshone by Mr Bugg as the Sheikh, with that turban and sword omg.

the holy trinity

Woad. Tartan. Blood-and-guts. Or is that weaponry, killin’ and kilts? Whatever. The best things in life are Scottish, according to the Buggs.

you are afraid of my heat

Yep, it’s our family favorite, Agador Spartacus!

off to see the buggzard

We’ve seen this one before, of course, but I love seeing what new outfits the Buggs will create.

it’s just a jump to the left

I find it interesting that they both chose to cosplay as Frank.

he can call me Flower, if he wants to

Spoiler alert: Bugbi’s mom dies.

bugg juan

Mr Bugg is looking forward to winning the Oscar for Most Kisses in a Film.

flowers and buggs

It was also the first animated short to win a Buggcademy Award!

what’s the point, indeed

Even if you’re not, you can always drive the Cadillac of minivans.

warm bodies

LOVED Warm Bodies.