bulletproof [click to embiggen]

OK, seriously. We started watching Continuum and while I like the show a lot, I want to know what the hell is up with how Carlos holds his gun, because I am not kidding, it drives me batshit.

Like, I don’t know a ton about guns, but I was taught the basics by a bunch of ex-cops and ex-military police and I am pretty sure they would have laughed their asses off if I got nutted by my own weapon recoiling into my face after holding it like that.

(I’m happy to be corrected, if it is acceptable practice anywhere in the world to hold your weapon clutched up to your chest like that. Have at it in the comments.)

Also: I love how it never occurs to the buggs to test the bulletproofness on the suit alone before putting on and shooting at one another.


Mr Bugg is wearing a smooth bodysuit with a zip up the front. He has his hands on his hips and stands confidently in front of Mrs Bugg, who holds a handgun about two inches from her chin. It is pointed at Mr Bugg.

The text reads: “The buggs found a suit that they think is bullet proof … also they now know how to hold a pistol when in Canada.”