buggs in spaaaaace

Buggpolo 13

I just love how happy the three buggs are, despite their grave peril. Also: antennae on the spacecraft, and the hilarious quote.

(Regarding said quote: It took half an hour of googling and you will have to expend some effort to hear it, but the reference is to this Hoops and Yoyo e-card — click the upper-left bag of popcorn for the quote. And if you hate Hoops and Yoyo, well … just click the damn popcorn, listen to this one quote, then go on with your life & pretend you never had to expose yourself to Hoops and Yoyo. BUT WHY DO YOU HATE CUTE?)


Three buggs are in a space capsule, the lack of gravity allowing each to occupy a third of the porthole. There are, naturally, antennae on the capsule. They are rocketing away from the moon, and presumably towards Earth, but seem quite happy about everything.

The text reads: “Aprovul 17, 197: The Astrobuggs aboard the Buggpolo 12 are inspired to figure out how to get home when BUGSA tells them “You got yourself up there, you can get yourselves down.”