best in show

tofu kennel club

YOU GUYS. The bow tie. The leaping tofubeast. The other tofubeasts waiting patiently for their turn. The clipboard. THE BOW TIE, Y’ALL.

(I know I’m being unbelievably slow at getting old drawings up, wherein the origin of the tofubeast is explained, but they’re now more or less domestic pets in Buggland.)


While two tofubeasts and their handlers wait in the background, in the foreground a tofubeast leaps happily, probably yanking the arm of his smiling handler right out of its socket. He’s leaping at the judge, a bowtie-wearing, clipboard-wielding bugg with what is probably an impossible task: Picking the year’s best tofubeast. I would love to see a list of those qualifications, let me tell you what.

The text reads: “Aprovul 4, 1873: The Tofu Kennel Club is formed, the first official registry of pure bred tofu beasts.