before the firehose

stand by me 16 [click to embiggen]

I, for one, am quite glad they didn’t do the end of that scene, although from the looks of it, Mrs Bugg is going to do it whether we’re watching or not.


Mrs Bugg, grinning hugely, and hugely bloated, sits at a long table. To her left, looking seriously sad, is Mr Bugg. To his left are ranged three other buggs, including one with a killer Amish-style beard, one with a bow tie and one wearing overalls. They all sit with their hands behind them. In front of each of them on the cloth-covered table is a pie.

The text reads: “Stand By Me: Scene 16, Pie Eating Contest. Just the start, not the end. … Guess what Mrs Bugg ate to get ready. Mr Bugg read ahead in the script.”