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Ah, and we’re back to the Buggs’ favorite martyr!

(For those just joining us: The Buggs have no clue what it meant to be burnt at the stake, and just figured it involved marshmallows, and, probably, s’mores.)


Mrs Bugg is looking fetching in her bow-topped platemail getup, despite the fact that her hands are shackled together and she is being led towards a bonfire by Mr Bugg, today playing the part of a church bishop. He is rocking an ankh-emblazoned bishop hat, and is waving has several marshmallows pre-impaled on a many-branched stick, to be ready for the burning.

The text reads: “Janubugg 3, 1431: Joan of Bugg is handed over to Bishop Pierre Bugchon … for the burning at the stake.”