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mickey bugg

Aww, I didn’t know Minnie Bugg was in that one!


Mr Bugg is doing a glorious impression of Mickey Bugg, in his short-pantsed overalls and at the wheel of what is undoubtedly a steam bugg — he has his hand on the pully thing that blows the steam whistle. We can’t see his boppity dance in this still, but I think we can assume it’s happening. Meanwhile, Mrs Bugg is cosplaying Minnie Bugg, in a huge poofy skirt, cute mary janes and what can only be mouse bugg? ears on her head. Her hands are clasped in delight, and hearts pour from her head, indicating her love of Mickey.

The text reads: “Bugvember 18, 1928: Release of the animated short Steambugg Willie. Considered the birthday of Mickey Bugg.”