allez cuisine

allez cuisine

So no one wanted to cosplay the Chairman? I’m a little disappointed.

Also, I want to see the tasting panel. If there’s not a psychic I will be very disappointed.


Mr Bugg is wearing a huge toque, standing in front of a stove, one hand waving a chef’s knife while the other holds the handle of a saucepan on the stove. He faces Mrs Bugg at her own stove. She also entoqued (although hers has a bow), her tongue out in concentration as her right hand steadies a saucepan on a burner and her left hand performs a complicated flip with whatever’s in the skillet. Culinary battle is clearly happening.

The text reads: “BUGG CHEF ARENA: Bugg chef Tex Mex vs. Bugg Chef Tofu in The Government Cheese battle.”